About Us

    Alex Devlin, the owner/operator at DDC, does everything he can think of to be one step above the competition when it comes to quality. Alex is a hands-on contractor, he can board, tape and install acoustic ceilings. This is what gives him the edge over most contractors.
    Once the material is delivered to the site, he will go and video the entire job, to document the locations of every receptacle, switch, light, and wire, this is one major detail that most contractors overlook. Doing this simple task, Alex guarantees to never lose a box or light. In the end, this can be a very costly mistake, not to mention no matter how good the boarders are, there is always a chance that boxes or lights can get buried. Then, after the boarding is complete, Alex will come to the job for two things. One, to check for any buried boxes as we talked about, and two, he will go over the whole job, to make sure all the screws are fastened properly. Any screws that have ripped the drywall paper, will be replaced, as well if there is hardwood flooring anywhere in the house, he will make sure to double up the screws on the ceiling below. As many of you know, when the hardwood is installed the tongue and groove have to be hammered into place, this hammering typically can cause a lot of screw pops. Doubling up the screws below in 95% of cases, eliminates this problem.
    If there is anything that can be done to improve the quality of the installation, Alex has thought about it and is taking action to solve the problem. Alex truly believes nothing is more important than providing the highest quality possible on all his jobs, no matter what the cost.
    Even after all these things to provide his customers with a very high-quality drywall job, his prices are still very competitive. Call Alex anytime for a free quote for services, or just for some good advice, he is always happy to help.


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