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                                         Roxul Insulation

    If you asked me what are the best products to produce a quality drywall job, I would say it all starts with the best insulation on the market. Roxul is moisture resistant, yet vapour permeable, and its mold and fungal resistant as well.  Not to mention that Roxul is non combustible and has an approximate melting temperature of 2150 degrees ferinheight, which other insulations don't even come close. In the event of a fire, Roxul will give you the time you need to get out safe. The number 1 question I am asked is how to best soundproof your house, for either theatre rooms, or to quite the sound of draining water in the walls and ceilings. Donna conna is a compressed fiber board, and is great for this application, but did you know that Roxul is exceptionally good for airbourne sound transfer that occurs between adjoining floor, walls, ceilings and through electrical recepticales and furnace vents, that no drywall product can provide. Airborne sound is generated by music, voices, ambient noise etc. Impact sound is the result of foot traffic or falling objects. If reducing impact sound is the primary concern, additional measures such as resilient channels or a sound absorbing layer between the sub-floor and the joists are recommended. For me there is no question, Roxul is the better insulation, still don't believe me, please click on the link below and watch the Roxul video,  then choose for yourself.